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GLOZ ONCE-A-YEAR Ceramic-Infused Sealant and Protectant by RENEW PROTECT

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GLOZ restores the weathered and faded surfaces of tires, trim, vinyl, and plastics with a rich and durable luster. GLOZ is a once-a-year treatment that protects surfaces from UV and ozone, prevents dry rot, and is safe to use on golf carts and motorcycles.

GLOZ restores the shine on exterior surfaces by replenishing the plasticizers and polymers that have been lost to usage and exposure. GLOZ is formulated to create a tough dry seal that repels dirt and water and can withstand repeated cleaning with mild soap.


Creates a rich, glossy finish on tires, trim, bumpers, rubber, plastic, and vinyl.

Forms a durable polymer/ceramic dry-seal that protects surfaces from UV and ozone.

Prevents dry rot and fading while restoring the elements of the original manufacturing (OEM) process.

GLOZ-sealed tires repel dirt, water, snow, and ice, and do not require tire cleaner products.

Non-slip, silicone-free, oil-free, and made in the USA.





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