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Under Sink Cabinet Mats

An under sink cabinet mat is the best product for protecting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets from leaks, spills, scratches, mildew, and more. The Xtreme Mat is the original under sink cabinet mat manufactured for the depth of both kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinets. It also holds up to 3.3 gallons and has been laser cut to fit securely under your sink with angled sides to help protect your cabinets against built-up liquid. With an under sink cabinet mat, you don't need to worry about small leaks, product spills, or the potential for scratching underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink cabinet. Our mats are flexible, VOC-free, easy to install, and built to be repeatedly washed with ease. Order an Xtreme Mat today and you could receive a free water sensor, while supplies last. Please see our sizing guide for instructions on how to measure your under sink cabinet and select the appropriate size, or contact us directly and we can help you select an under sink mat for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.


- Holds up to 3.3 gallons of liquid

- Easy installation

- Prevent mold and mildew growth

- Reduce insurance premium increases

- Increased longevity of your sink base cabinet

- No VOC / no smelly cabinet

- Fits bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets

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