Cabinet Mats

Xtreme Mats are made to fit many different standard sized base cabinets. We manufacture the mats to fit the depth of kitchen and vanity cabinets. Xtreme Mats are under-sink cabinet mats that are custom-fit and uniquely manufactured to safeguard any cabinet from water damage, product spills, stains, scratches, and much more. We have specifically designed our under-sink drip mats to offer maximum protection by creating a product that can hold up to 3.3 gallons of water. Xtreme Mats can offer maximum protection, reducing the potential for water damage to the cabinetry and flooring surface. Xtreme Mats have a capacity, flexibility, and lifetime warranty that far exceeds other drip trays and sink mats on the market.


- Contains water within the mat

- Flexible mats easy to install

- Prevent mold and mildew growth

- Reduce insurance premium increases

- Increased longevity of your sink base cabinet

- No VOC / no smelly cabinet


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Water Sensors

Get notified with an audible alarm as soon as a leak happens and protect your home and valuables from water damage with a Water Sensor. No WiFi or power needed! Place inside any sink base cabinet, on our under-sink cabinet mat, next to your hot water heater, or HVAC unit. Xtreme Mats have a location designed specifically for these Water Sensors. Just place the sensor on the mat and relax! The alarm activates when water touches the two metal posts on the bottom of the detector.

Potential areas prone to leaks:

- Water heater

- Sink cabinet

- Boiler/Sump pump

- Washing machine

- Behind toilets

- Radiators

- Under dishwashers

- HVAC units/AC returns

- Behind refrigerators