Measuring Guide & Size Chart

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The difference between "CM" and "CMV" model cabinet mats is the depth. CMV is 18" 7/8 deep and usually intended for Bathroom vanity cabinets.  CM is 21" 7/8 deep and usually intended for Kitchen/Laundry cabinets.


CM-27 and CMV-33

what size xtreme mats do I need sizing chart

Example of Side by Side Installation

(interior dimensions of 42" x 22")
side by side installation

Please Note: "Min" refers to the minimum size cabinet you must have in order for this mat to fit; these are the minimum dimensions the mat can flex inward to fit.  If your cabinet is SMALLER than the minimum dimension, the mat simply cannot fit.  The actual footprint of each mat is 1/2" smaller than the "min" dimension but the finished turn-down edge of the sidewalls makes it nearly impossible for the mat to become the same size as the footprint.  If your cabinet is too small by 1/2" or less, please contact us about how to trim a mat for a tight fit without compromising its capacity to hold leaksThe footprint of the mat cannot be reduced by trying to force it in; there is no wiggle room here.  The mats are flexible but the edges are strong and reinforced.  The "max" dimension refers to the actual size of the mat when fully relaxed and open.  The sidewalls are flexible and have a slight "spring" to them so they can flex inward or outward to fit your cabinet walls snugly.  If your cabinet is larger than the max dimension, that just means that the mat may have some space around the edges between it and the cabinet wall.  You want to find the size closest to the interior dimensions of your cabinet while still being slightly smaller.  There is really no such thing as a standard sized cabinet, this is why we urge you to measure inside your cabinet and DO NOT round the measurement up or down.  If you have ANY questions about sizing, please contact us using the chat feature, e-mail, or call us at 407-392-0950, ANYTIME.  Return shipping costs for purchasing the wrong size are the responsibility of the buyer.