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Measuring Guide & Size Chart

How to use the measuring guide:  Measure your cabinet inside from left to right; this measurement will be your width (W).  Measure your cabinet from front to back on the inside; this measurement will be your depth (D). 


Step 1: Locate the row your width falls into.  

Step 2: Locate the column your depth falls into (Bathroom Depth column or Kitchen Depth column). 

Step 3: Follow the row of your width over until it meets the column of your depth.  The intersection of your width row and your depth column is the mat size you need to order. 

(You are trying to find the largest mat that will fit in your cabinet WITHOUT going over your interior dimensions.)



outline of a cabinet with xtreme mats logo


Example of Side by Side Installation

(interior dimensions of 42" x 22")
side by side installation

Please Note: If you have ANY questions about sizing, please contact us using the chat feature, e-mail, or call us at 407-392-0950, ANYTIME.  Return shipping costs for purchasing the wrong size are the responsibility of the buyer.