3 Reasons Why RVs and Golf Carts Are Meant for Each Other + 5 Golf Cart Essentials You Need

February 22 2022 – Brandon Burkey

rv campsite with golf cart

Start to pay attention to RVers and there’s one thing you’ll quickly start to notice: So many of them not only have golf carts, but they love their golf carts, too. While each RVer has their own reasoning behind wanting/needing a golf cart, there are a few common threads behind this well-known coupling. 

  1. Having a golf cart on-hand while traveling with a RV adds a level of convenience that longtime RVers have come to appreciate. Allowing you to get from point A to point B more quickly, golf carts make campground living just that much easier. Need to take the trash out? Want to use the ground’s facilities? Want to visit your friends? Want to get to a hiking trail or lookout point more quickly? A golf cart makes it all that much easier — not to mention, more fun, too.
rv campground empty
  1. Golf carts can make the RVing experience more fun for everyone involved simply because they give you something to do! Exploring your area in a golf cart is exciting and, because you can cover more ground, you’re more likely to see something interesting or out of the ordinary.
rv trailer towing a golf cart
  1. Golf carts can make certain locations more accessible for different people in your traveling group, which means everyone can enjoy the full RVing experience that much more. Bringing a golf cart with you can help get all of your group members from one place to another — and at the same time, too.
    Rv camper with golf cart

Because RVers enjoy having golf carts with them, most RV campgrounds allow golf carts to be used on their premises. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with a specific campground before you arrive to make sure golf carts are permitted. In general, you’ll find that if a campground allows golf carts, it’s more likely to allow electric carts rather than gas because they make less noise and are therefore less disruptive to other campers on site.

trailer camping with golf cart club car

If you are an RVer with a golf cart, or are looking to add one to enrich your RVing experience, there are a few essential accessories you should consider to keep your golf cart safe, clean, and fun.

5 Golf Cart Accessories Every RVer Should Ever Consider

  1. Floor Mats. Custom golf cart floor mats not only make your golf cart look nicer, but they keep the floor of your golf cart clean, too. Of course, not all golf cart floor mats are made equal. Look for ones that actually cover the entire floor and are made from sturdy material. Finding golf cart mats that are big enough, sturdy enough, and still flexible enough to take in and out of the cart to clean isn’t easy. To limit your search time, head directly to Xtreme Golf Cart Mats.
xtreme floor mat for ezgo RXV golf cart
  1. Fishing Rod Holder. There are a variety of golf cart fishing rod holders you can choose from to help make your golf cart that much more convenient. Look for ones that can attach to the rear seat’s grab bar and that can hold up to four rods for yourself, your family, and your friends.
fishing rod pole holder for golf cart
  1. Rear Seat Lawn Chair Holder. The more your golf cart can carry when you’re out on an adventure, the better. A rear seat lawn chair holder can easily attach to your cart so that you can carry ready-to-use chairs wherever you need them — without having to lug them on foot or hold them on your lap.
Rear Seat hanging Lawn Chair Holder for golf cart
  1. Roof Rack. Yes, there are roof racks for golf carts and they are extremely useful when you’re out RVing. The beauty of these roof racks is that they don’t require you to lose extra seating in order to carry more cargo. For families or RVers traveling in groups, a roof rack for your golf cart is definitely the way to go. 
golf cart roof rack
  1. Mounted Cooler Rack. Keep all of your beverages cold — and on-hand — whether you’re visiting a friend next door or heading off on a longer expedition. A golf cart cooler rack typically attaches to the back grab bar, which means you don’t have to forego seating or space in order to take your food and drinks with you wherever you go. A mounted cooler rack can also double as an easy way to transport other items too, which is why so many RVers choose to keep this mounted rack attached whether they need to transport a cooler or not.
brush guard mounted cooler rack golf cart red ezgo