The 2020 Golf Cart Boom

February 22 2022 – Brandon Burkey

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2020 has been full of a lot of surprises, and we’re just barely past the halfway mark. And while some of these events are less than desirable, there are some 2020 side effects that have been surprisingly pleasant, including the rise in golf cart sales. Summer is always a good season for the golf cart industry, but this year golf cart sellers across the country are noticing more than just the average uptick in sales. In fact, golf cart retailers are so busy that many are running low (or completely out of) inventory. This, of course, is leaving us all wondering:

Why exactly is 2020 the summer of golf carts?

While we can’t know for sure, below are some of our best guesses as to why this year is inspiring more and more people to embrace the benefits of owning their own golf cart…

  1. Staying close to home. With many cities and states asking residents to stay at home (or at least close to it), people across the country are looking for new ways to enjoy the summer season. With airplane travel and big getaways off the table for most people, the idea of finding a way to “stay-cation” isn’t just desirable — it’s the only option for summer 2020. As such, becoming members to local golfing communities, or taking better advantage of the community you already live in, is becoming increasingly popular, which would account for part of the uptick in golf cart and golf cart accessory sales.

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  1. Enjoying local benefits. Again, with “stay-cations” becoming one of the only options for summer travel this year, more people are looking at recreational options they may have never considered before. With most golf courses managing to safely stay open during 2020, picking up a golfing hobby seems like a good idea to a lot of people. And when you want to maximize your experience, why not invest in your own golf cart? With money saved on other travel expenses, more people across the country are finding themselves in a position where owning their own golf cart is as plausible as it is practical.

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  1. Getting outside. Fresh air anyone? The more you’re able to safely get outside in 2020, the better, especially when it comes to your health. That’s where owning your own golf cart can help. Not only does the open-air design allow you to enjoy as much fresh air as possible as you get from point A to point B, but the golf cart itself inspires you to live the “golf cart” lifestyle, which includes a lot of great outdoor hobbies — not just golf.

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  1. Relieving stress. That “golf cart” lifestyle is more than just cool — it’s good for you, too. Inspiring you to get outside and enjoy the good life, owning your own golf cart is a fantastic way to help relieve stress. Just seeing it in your garage or at your house can remind you that, yes, you should go play a round of golf, or take a trip to the club or play a game of tennis. As simple as it might sound, making an investment in something like a golf cart can really help you feel better and start relieving some of the built up stress that 2020 has gifted so many of us with.

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  1. Staying safe. And then, of course, there’s the benefit of staying safe. When you own your own golf cart, you know who’s riding in it and how well it’s getting cleaned, which can eliminate some of the concerns you might have if you were just renting a golf cart at the course. Not to mention, some golf courses have completely eliminated renting golf carts because of COVID-19, which is another huge reason why more and more people are deciding to invest in owning their own this year.

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Whatever your reason for buying a golf cart this summer, the truth is that, in our opinion, it’s always a good idea to own your own cart. Not only are there loads of options for customization, but nothing feels better than the convenience of having your own cart ready to go at a moment’s notice. And with 2020 bringing about so many things that are leaving us feeling less than awesome, we totally understand why so many people are ready to create their own 2020 bright spot by purchasing their own golf cart.

Have you taken the plunge and bought your own cart this year? What was your reasoning? We’d love to know so leave us a comment below!

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