ICON and Advanced EV Mat Installation

The Xtreme Clips work by securing the Xtreme Mat to the OEM (manufacturing) flooring under the dash.  The long arm of the clip goes underneath the flooring and the small arm hooks over the color trim edge of the Xtreme Mat. 

To install: Lay the mat in the cart, around the foot pedals carefully, and up under the dash.  Under the dash, with the Xtreme Mat in place, pull the mat and the factory flooring slightly away from the frame of the cart.  Take the short arm of the clip with the slightly hooked edge and place that against the inside lip of the colored trim.  With the long arm facing away from you, toward the factory flooring, and the short arm pressed against the lip of the trim, pull the manufacturer flooring together with the Xtreme mat and swing the clip around and slide it under the manufacturing flooring and then press the flooring back down.  The two mats will now be clipped together like the illustration below.  You will receive 4 clips with your purchase and they can be placed anywhere under the dash where you are able to access the edge of the factory flooring to attach them.

Maintenance and CareTo maintain the look and longevity of your mat, we recommend applying a rubber conditioner often and anytime the mat is cleaned.  Mild soap should be used when cleaning to avoid stripping the natural oils of the rubber.

For more installation information and video tutorials, visit Xtrememats.com or www.youtube.com/xtrememats, if you still have questions contact us at customerservice@xtrememats.com or 407-392-0950

xtreme clip installation diagram