Club Car DS and Villager Mat Installation

The Xtreme Clips work by securing the Xtreme Mat to the aluminum frame piece under the dash.  The wide opening arm of the clip (Front) hooks over the outer trim edge of the Xtreme Mat and the long slim edge (Back) slides behind the aluminum frame piece. 

To Install Mat: BE SURE YOUR CART IS TURNED OFF OR IMMOBILIZED BEFORE INSTALLATION.  Lay the mat in the cart.  Fit the mat around the foot pedals by starting from left to right utilizing the slit in the mat to widen the opening enough to get around the brake pedal first and then the gas pedal.  The mat is intended to fit snugly around the pedals.  Be patient and work the mat back and forth until it’s settled around the pedals.  Align the top of the mat with the aluminum frame piece under the dash (Right Image).  If you have cup holders, slide the mat behind the cup holders as well.  With the Xtreme Mat well situated and flat, install the Xtreme Clips in the locations designated on the diagram featured on the back or wherever necessary to create a secure fit.  

To Attach Xtreme Clips:  Take the wider hook arm of the clip (Front) and place that against the inside lip of the outer trim of the mat and swing the clip over the top edge of the mat so the slimmer hook (Back) is behind the mat. (Left Image)  Pinch the clip down tightly on the trim piece.  The slimmer hook (Back) will slide behind the aluminum frame piece securing the mat in place.  With the clips firmly clamped along the top edge of the mat, pull the mat down slightly and guide the back of the clips down and back up behind the aluminum frame piece.  You will receive 4 clips with your mat purchase and they can be placed anywhere under the dash as necessary.  Recommended clip locations are pictured in the diagram below.  Additional or replacement clips can be purchased at

Maintenance and CareTo maintain the look and longevity of your mat, we recommend applying a rubber conditioner often and anytime the mat is cleaned.  Mild soap should be used when cleaning to avoid stripping the natural oils of the rubber.

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