Why Custom-Fitted Golf Cart Mats Will Protect Your Golf Cart No Matter the Course

February 02 2023 – Krissy Highland

Golf carts are the ideal way to get around a golf course, but without the proper protection, you can end up with a lot of damage to your cart. Custom-fitted golf cart floor mats provide the perfect solution to protect your golf cart from the wear and tear of regular use. At Xtreme Mats, we’re dedicated to bringing you the solutions you need to protect your golf carts with our high-quality floor mats. Read on and order your golf cart mats today! 

a perfectly fitted golf cart floor mat

Snug Fit

We take care to ensure the snug fit of our golf cart floor mats matches perfectly with all of the best golf cart models. A snug fit with the floor of your golf cart will prevent debris from staining your cart's floors and damaging them. We take care to ensure the custom-fitted golf cart mats work for you and your golf cart to get this perfect fit.

a top down view of a large golf cart with fitted floor mats

Extra Cushioning

Climbing in and out of your golf cart for the entire 18-hole course presents plenty of opportunities for bumps and scratches to appear. Whether you choose our LITE Series or our PRO Series, golf cart floor mats from Xtreme Mats will provide an extra layer of protection for the floor of your golf cart.

a golf cart with fitted floor mats


Even when you’re playing in muddy conditions, you don’t need to worry about your custom-fitted golf cart mats. They’re easy to clean once you’ve finished up your game, and that snug fit ensures your mats will take the beating, rather than your golf cart itself. They’ll look good as new the next time you’re ready for a round.

a person driving a golf cart with floor mats

Look Great on Any Course

When you choose Xtreme Mats, you can trust that your custom-fitted golf cart floor mats will not only do an excellent job protecting your golf cart, but they also add a sleek and customized look to your golf cart.

When you’re ready to have a great round of gold, it’s important that your golf cart is in top condition to see you through the course. Shop Xtreme Mat’s golf cart floor mats and find the perfect custom-fitted mats for your golf cart!

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