What Should I Put On My Golf Cart?

September 08 2022 – Nelson Agredo

Alright. You have your golf cart. Awesome! You’re all set to get started living your best golf-cart-owner life.

Or are you?

Actually, getting a golf cart is just the very beginning. In order to be a true golf cart owner, you need to stock your golf cart with all of the right equipment. 

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And if you want to know what to put in your golf cart so that you’re fully stocked, fully prepared, and fully awesome, then keep reading.

Having all the right things with you, especially if you’re using your golf cart out on the greens, makes all the difference. Not only will it make your golf outings more enjoyable, but they can make you the hero of the day, too.

Below is a list of our favorite must-have items for your golf cart.

Your Essential List for Stocking Your Golf Cart

  • Gloves. Golf gloves keep blisters off your hands after a long day of swinging your clubs, making them an essential piece of golfing equipment. Additionally, the right pair of golf clubs can actually improve your grip, especially with weather changes. In the name of being fully prepared, bring two pairs of gloves with you in your golf cart. You never know when you’ll lose a glove, get a rip, or need to help your buddy who left his at home. 

  • Hooded Windbreaker or Rain Jacket. Your mom always told you to bring a jacket “just in case”. Well, she was right. Having a rain jacket or hooded windbreaker with you can save a golf outing so that you can keep playing even when winds pick up or rain starts coming down. Keep an extra jacket packed in your golf cart at all times so that you’re never caught without one.

  • Spare Socks. There are few worse things than having to continue golfing with wet socks. In case the rain really starts coming down, or you accidentally step in a puddle, having a spare set of socks in your cart will ensure that you stay as comfortable and dry as possible. 

  • Snacks and Water. Getting to the golf course is one thing. Getting to the golf course without being hungry is totally different. Thankfully, if you have your cart stocked with snacks you won’t have to worry about playing through all the holes on an empty, grumbling stomach. Load up your golf cart with snacks and water that you love — just be sure to choose snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated and to watch the expiration dates. If you’re serious about your snacks, consider mounting a cooler to your cart so that you can keep drinks and food cold even on a hot summer day. 

  • First Aid Kit. No, golf isn’t a contact sport, but being outside makes it smart to have a first aid kit loaded on your golf cart. From blisters and splinters, to sprains and insect bites, a simple first aid kit can address any issues that might arise on the course for you and your friends — and that means, you can keep golfing longer!

  • Mechanical Pencils. Keeping a few spare pencils on your golf cart will make sure you’re never at a loss with your scorecards. And for your buddies or fellow golfers who need one, you’ll be their hero that day.

Other smart items to stock on your golf cart include umbrellas, a cover for your golf clubs, a tire pressure gauge, an insulated tumbler, and your own business cards — you never know who you’re going to meet while you’re out on the green!

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