The top 10 most common questions from new homeowners

September 18 2023 – Natalie Harvey

New homeowners often have many questions as they navigate the complexities of homeownership.

Here are the top 10 most common questions from new homeowners:

  1. How Do I Set Up Utilities? New homeowners often need to establish water, electricity, gas, and internet services. They may inquire about the process and contact information for local utility providers.

  2. How Do I Pay Property Taxes and Home Insurance? Understanding when property taxes are due and how to pay them, as well as arranging homeowners' insurance, is essential information for new homeowners.

  3. How Do I Maintain My Home? New homeowners seek advice on home maintenance tasks, such as lawn care, HVAC system upkeep, and handling common repairs like leaky faucets or electrical issues.

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  4. What Is the Neighborhood Like? Questions about the neighborhood, including safety, nearby amenities, and the local community, are common as homeowners settle into their new area.

  5. How Do I Handle Home Security? Home security concerns may lead to questions about alarm systems, locks, and other safety measures to protect the property.

  6. What Are the Best Ways to Save on Energy Costs? Energy efficiency and cost-saving tips are sought after by new homeowners, who want to reduce their utility bills and environmental impact.

  7. How Do I Set a Budget for Home Expenses? Establishing a budget for home-related expenses, including mortgage payments, maintenance, and renovations, is a common concern among new homeowners.

  8. What Is the Homeowner's Association (HOA) and What Are Its Rules? If the property is part of an HOA, new homeowners often inquire about its rules, fees, and responsibilities.

  9. What Renovations or Improvements Can I Make? Homeowners often want to personalize their space and may ask about remodeling options, permits, and which renovations add value to their home.

  10. What Is the Resale Value of My Home? Curiosity about the potential resale value of their property, especially if it's their first home, is a common question among new homeowners.

These questions represent some of the common concerns and inquiries that new homeowners typically have as they navigate the responsibilities and opportunities that come with homeownership. It's essential for new homeowners to seek guidance from real estate professionals, neighbors, and online resources to find answers to these questions and feel confident in their new role as homeowners.