Realtor Closing Gift Ideas

August 19 2019 – Natalie Harvey

Does the perfect closing gift exist?

Closing Gift Ideas

Two real estate professionals share their favorite client gifts

Submitted by:  Elise Breth

Are you a new agent looking to expand your referral network?  Perhaps your clients just bought a fixer-upper and need to make upgrades.  Or, your client just bought a renovated home and you’d like to treat them to a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant.  Assessing each client and their needs will help determine the appropriate closing gift; it doesn’t have to be pricey, but it could be creative and thoughtful.  

MaryStuart Day with Fannie Hillman + Associates and Lew Brooks with Orlando Luxury Homes are two experienced real estate professionals who know firsthand the value and benefit of thanking their clients in meaningful and memorable ways.

 house for sale SOLD

Both Brooks and Day believe in establishing long-term relationships with clients and determine a gift based on the situation, their relationship with a client and the sale price of the home. 

“Every situation is different, every client is different,” says Brooks.  “The gift you choose for your client will depend on the relationship you have with them and what their needs are.”

While there are a variety of gifts to choose from, the many years of real estate experience between Brooks and Day make them uniquely qualified to provide a few useful tips to new and experienced agents.  Day says she is sensitive about giving gifts that take space in a home.  “Ask yourself, is it their style?  Will they enjoy it or banish it to a closet?”


Lew Brooks has been in the real estate industry for 29 years.  His suggestion for new agents looking to build a referral network is to engrave or monogram a kitchen item with the agent’s name.  “Everyone is in their kitchen, so these types of items will be most visible daily.”  

Cutco Closing Gifts

 cutco knives

Cutco offers engraved closing gifts for realtors and businesses.  These engraved gifts can be purchased individually or in bulk.  Giving a high-quality knife set can last several years; reminding your client of the positive experience they had with you.


If you select a tchotchke item, be sure to select one you think will get the most use. Brooks recommends personalized kitchen gadgets, such as jar openers, which incur a minimal expense and are big hits with clients.  They can be purchased from any online promotional company in bulk to have on hand as an easy, affordable and memorable giveaway.

Cutting or Cheese Boards

Nearly everyone uses a cutting board or cheese board, which make the items a great way to promote a business and stay top of mind with a client.   There are many online companies like East Bay Cutting Boards, Inc. that offer personalized client gifts.

 personalized cutting board closing gift

Monogrammed Front Door Matsécor-accessories/outdoor-door-mats/

In the last 16 years as a real estate agent, MaryStuart Day has given a wide range of gifts.  She has learned what works well and what does not.  One of her favorite closing gifts for a client with large double front doors is a personalized doormat from Frontgate.  “It’s not a surprise but clients love this!”

Day will ask her buyer to select a preferred design and initial then ships it directly to them following the close of their new home.  “Hopefully they think of me every time they see the beautiful mat while welcoming friends and family into their home.”

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be incredibly useful and a big treat in a small package.  A gift card to a home supply store such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Home Depot or Ace Hardware can be valuable to a buyer needing to make upgrades or home repairs.

 gift cards

If a client purchases a move-in-ready home, then a nice restaurant gift card can make a perfect gift to celebrate.  “I like to take the time I have with my clients to get a feel for what they prefer,” says Day.  “Gift cards are great because they don’t take up space which is huge for anyone selling or moving into a home.  Every client is unique but typically the last thing they need is more stuff!”

Another perk for giving a gift card is it can be purchased on closing day. Sometimes personalization isn’t possible.  Deals can fall through at the last minute so buying a gift card is quick, and there are no upfront costs purchasing in bulk or having something personalized weeks in advance.

“Out of The Box” Gift Ideas

Give your client the gift of protection and security.  Let them know you take the purchase of their new home seriously with an “out of the box” gift that says you are invested in their home.

Custom Under Sink Cabinet Mat

Lew Brooks says a cabinet mat from Xtreme Mats is a great gift for anyone to have in a kitchen or bathroom.  “I think clients will love a custom fit mat from Xtreme Mats.”


Mary Stuart Day also highly recommends the mats as closing gifts.  She is very impressed by the quality and look of the mats and feels clients will appreciate such a high-end item for a kitchen or bathroom.  The expense to an agent is minimal and the product will add an extra layer of protection to a home.  “It’s an excellent mat and protects the bottom of kitchen and bathroom cabinets from product spills and leaky pipes.”

Day personally owns a mat from Xtreme Mats and relocated it to her new home when she moved.  “It’s durable, portable and offers an incredible amount of protection to the cabinet.  The client will have it forever.”

Purchase a Home Warranty

There are times when a seller refuses to include a home warranty in the sale of a home and, if the situation is right, the buyer’s agent can purchase a one-year home warranty for their client.  “It is a good gift depending on the inspection and age of the home,” says Day.  “When a seller refuses (and I see my buyer really wants and needs one) then it’s typically something that I will purchase so my buyer will benefit and feel comfortable moving forward with the sale of a home that may need some repairs.”

Ask yourself, “How do I want to be remembered?”  Having go-to gift ideas your clients love will let them know you appreciate their business with the hope of keeping an open door for the future.