Home Improvement Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 14 2021 – Natalie Harvey

Shopping for Dad? We've got you covered!

Even if you have a dad who likes to act macho, showing your appreciation on Father’s day can really tug at their heartstrings. While you were in grade school, you could scrape by with a homemade gift, but those of us who have grown up understand that giving your dad a gift that both resonates and shows how much you care can be a symbol of growth. 

Still, it can be tough to find a store-bought gift that feels practical and personal, that’s why we put together a list of the five gifts you can give this Father’s Day that suit the dad that appreciates home improvement or even basic protection. 

Some of these are store bought gifts with a personalized twist, but everything was selected for the type of dad that likes to use their hands, measure, cut, and consider the practical needs in life. It may seem odd, but dad really does love a sense of foundation and the opportunity to build or install things. If your dad fits into this camp, these Father’s Day gifts could be the best fit.

 dad framed poster

#1. Xtreme Mats Under Sink Mats for Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

Under sink cabinet mats make for great Father’s Day gifts because they offer protection and style to your family cabinet. These mats hold up to 3.3 gallons of water and can save hundreds, if not thousands, in water damage repair costs from the leaks they protect against.  They also prevent major headaches for Dad!

While these products may seem unexciting at first glance, you’d be surprised how many DIY and home improvement dads can get excited about the latest accessory for preventing water damage. And when it comes to under sink mats, there’s nothing like the original Xtreme Mat. This is the highest quality under sink protector out there and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure you’re both satisfied and protected.

under sink cabinet mat for father's day gift

#2. Custom Father’s Day Spatula

Your dad takes so much pride in being the chosen one to man the grill, so it's only fitting that he has a custom cheeseburger, turkey burger, hot dog, and veggie burger turner. Let the kids paint a special message — #1 Dad, Best Dad Ever, you name it — on its wooden handle.

personalized grill tools set spatula for dad father's day gift

#3. A Personalized Kitchen Apron

What dad doesn’t like to cook in style while keeping themselves ready to sit down for dinner? Try surprising your Father with style and give him a custom kitchen or outdoor apron that'll keep his trusty pair of jeans or khakis totally clean. Most dads don’t want to admit it, but looking as good as the meal they place on the table is important to them!

custom kitchen grill apron for dad

#4. A Water Sensor

This might sound crazy, but your dad is probably concerned about water damaging your home and valuables, or at least he should be. Water damage can be devastating regardless of where it starts. Water can give birth to mold or even slowly degrade cabinets by soaking them. It’s not easy to detect a leak and most people don’t check, so having a water sensor may seem small, but it can really provide significant peace of mind.

While in stock, every Xtreme Mat comes with a water leak detector, but it doesn’t hurt to have more than one! And even if you don’t own an Xtreme Mat, being vigilant about water damage is a must.

Great places for a water sensor are: behind the water heater, inside a sinkbase cabinet, boiler, sump pump, washing machine, toilets, radiators and more…


#5. Personalized or Homemade Tool Bag 

What do you get the Dad that has everything? Something to hold all of it in! If you’re one of the unfortunate few who has a Father that just seems to have everything they already need for Father’s Day, it doesn’t hurt to update their tool bag for their daily routine of DIY fixes.

Sink repairs, cabinet installations, or anything else that arises at home can often call for a myriad of different drill bits, hammers, saws, or various measurements. So if you’re at a loss for what exactly dad might need this year, consider a personalized or high-end tool bag to show that you know he’s a man with a lot of tools and he needs something to hold them in!

personalized tool bag carhartt

#6. BONUS GIFT IDEA: An Xtreme Mat Golf Cart Mat!

While not every Father owns a Golf Cart, deep down inside they really want one, hint, hint. But for the lucky Dads out there that are equipped with a four wheel ride ready to take them from the course all the way down the block back home, there’s Xtreme Mat Golf Cart Mats! For fun, protection and style.

Admittedly, a Golf Cart Mat isn’t likely to improve your Dad’s swing or handicap, but it will keep his cart from collecting grass, sand, gravel, mud, or other elements that feet have a tendency to bring in. And these mats are strong, non-slip, and custom built for Yamaha, EZ-GO or Club Car Cart models. This means you’re not getting a ‘one-size fits all’ gift for your Father; these mats are built to fit what he rides in already; or what he might want, hint, hint.

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