Thinking About A Golf Cart Lift Kit? Here are 6 of the Most Important Pros and Cons to Consider

February 22 2022 – Brandon Burkey

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Let’s face it, lifted golf carts just look cool. You can spot a lifted golf cart from a mile away and if you don’t have a golf cart lift yourself, it can seem like the only logical choice when it comes to upgrading your cart. But as much as you want to get a golf cart lift kit, how much do you really need it? And, beyond the pure necessity of the modification, how much do you actually know about lifted golf carts?

Before you snag that golf cart lift kit on Amazon you’ve been eyeing for months, take a look at these pros and cons to make sure you’re really doing the right thing for yourself and your cart…

Pros and Cons of a Lifted Golf Cart

  1. Kit Types. Anyone who has given any thought to getting a golf cart lift has probably taken the time to start looking at the different types of golf cart lift kits are available. That means that you already know there are a lot of options available. Before you purchase, you always want to weigh the pros and cons of each kit. Looking at the price alone really won’t tell you what you’re getting, so be sure to dig in, ask around, and pay attention to the reviews. The three most popular (and most recommended) golf cart lift kits are:
        • Drop Spindle Lift Kits
        • A-Arm Lift Kits
        • Long Travel Lift Kits

Madjax EZGO RXV 6 inch A-Arm Lift Kit (fits 08-13 Electric Models)

  1. Cost. The cost of your golf cart lift will depend on the type of kit you’re buying. If you’re looking for an affordable option for adding the lifted golf cart aesthetic to your cart, then the Drop Spindle is your best bet. Slightly more expensive are the A-Arm golf cart lift kits, but the overall effect is more dramatic. As an added bonus, A-Arm kits come with enhanced performance, which means you’re not just lifting for looks. At the highest end of the golf cart lift kit spectrum, you’ll find the Long Travel lift kits. There’s a reason, however, as to why they cost so much more. Long Travel kits offer the most capability for off-road carts and are ideal for any lifted golf carts that will be going into more extreme types of situations.

  1. Limitations. When choosing a golf cart lift, a few things tend to inform the overall performance of your cart — some are good side effects, but others are less than desirable. One of the biggest limitations that comes from installing a golf cart lift kit is that it strains your motor/engine. The bigger tires that come with lifted golf carts can drastically reduce how fast you can go uphill, too. But the biggest limitation that comes with lifted golf carts has to do with the safety of your cart. Just like cars, the higher your golf cart is, the more likely it is to tip over.

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  1. Performance. Practically speaking, one of the biggest gains you get in terms of performance with a golf cart lift kit is clearance. By installing a golf cart lift, you now have the ability to clear rougher terrain, making your cart capable of going off-road, whether on a hunting expedition or a family camping trip. 
  1. Hacks. One of the most commonly used hacks for getting the “lifted golf cart” look without actually installing a golf cart lift kit is by simply putting on bigger tires. In theory, this works. And, in some cases, the theory tests out in real life. But, for a lot of cart owners, the biggest problem with only installing bigger tires to your cart is that your cart simply isn’t built for it. In other words, the bigger tires on the smaller frame start to rub and can even cause your cart to bottom out altogether. If you’re wanting to successfully lift your cart without a kit, try swapping your standard wheels for golf cart tires. Just avoid using the fanciest all-terrain golf cart tires unless you have a golf cart lift kit that can support them

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  2. Necessity. Determining whether or not you really need to install a golf cart lift kit is answering one simple question: Why? Do you really need to lift your golf cart or do you just want to lift your golf cart? In either case, you can still elect to install the lift, but knowing why will help to guide you when choosing which lift kit to ultimately choose.

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