7 Tips for New Golf Cart Owners Looking to Keep Their Cart in Pristine Condition

May 16 2022 – Brandon Burkey

If you’re a new golf cart owner, congratulations!


You’ve joined the ranks of a select group of people who get to enjoy the many benefits of owning a golf cart. Between how easy it is to use one, the affordable maintenance costs, and the mobility it gives you for short distance rides; there’s a lot to love about golf carts. Of course, as with any vehicle, there is some maintenance upkeep that is required. Here are 9 tips for new golf cart owners looking to keep their cart in pristine condition.

  1. Buy Golf Floor Mats.  One of the first things you should do is buy golf cart floor mats for your cart. While the OEM flooring can withstand water, debris, and sand, if this natural debris sits on the original flooring for too long without being properly cleaned, it can accelerate how quickly the flooring deteriorates. It is highly recommended that you purchase a full coverage golf floor mat like the ones from Xtreme Mats, as these are laser-measured for a snug fit, constructed with heavy-duty material, won’t budge with tough terrain, won’t produce any VOCs, and require no tools to install or remove for cleaning.  

Whether you have a Yamaha, Icon/Advanced EV, Club Car, or E-Z-Go golf cart, Xtreme Mats has you covered from the bottom of the dash, down to the base of the seat. And, while the back of your golf cart might not see as many pairs of feet, Xtreme Mats does have rear floor mats as well for the GTW Mach 1/Madjax Genesis 150, DoubleTake Max 5 & 6, RFS ProE-Z-Go RXV/TXT, E-Z-GO L6, Yamaha Drive + Drive2and Icon + V2 (current).

  1. Change the Oil in Your Cart.  One of the most expensive parts in your new golf cart is the motor, and if you fail to change out the oil in it, it's not going to be well maintained and its efficiency will decrease.  To preserve the longevity of your golf cart, we recommend that you replace the engine oil and filter on a semi-annual basis or at 125 hours of running. You may need to change it more often if you use the cart frequently. In addition to this, new golf cart owners should become familiar with the color of the oil you’re putting into your cart, so that you know what to look for when checking for oil leaks.

  1. Check the Tire Pressure.  As part of your routine maintenance, new golf cart owners should be looking at the tire pressure in their cart’s wheels. Your tires should range anywhere from 15-25 pounds per square inch, with the recommended range being 22-22 PSI. If you allow the tire pressure to drop too low, your tires will wear out significantly faster, and they will lose more energy to friction. This, in turn, means that your golf cart’s battery and the motor will need to work harder, and will wear away quicker.  If your ride is too uncomfortable, it means your tires are overfilled, resulting in reduced traction and less shock resistance.  

  1. Pay Attention to Your Golf Cart’s Battery.  As a new golf cart owner, you’re going to want to get the best possible performance out of your golf cart’s battery. A few tips for maintaining your golf cart’s batteries include:

    • Always charge your batteries fully after each period of use, for up to 8-10 hours with the correct battery charger.
    • Keep your battery connectors tight, dry, and free of grime.
    • If you have wet cell batteries, these will need to be watered. Follow the manual’s guide to scheduling how often the batteries need to be watered, and always do it after fully charging the battery. Using distilled water is recommended.
    • Try to keep your golf cart batteries at maximum capacity, and refresh the charge every 45-60 days, or sooner if you are in a hotter climate. You don’t want to leave your batteries sitting for too long.  Beyond this, do not discharge your batteries below 80% of their capacity.

      Doing the above, will help prevent any potential problems with your batteries and keep them running smoothly.

  1. Run Brake Inspections Frequently.  The safety of your new golf cart depends fully on your ability to properly slow down and come to a complete stop. It is necessary to carry out comprehensive inspections on your brake system to ensure that the wires are not loose, that the brake shoe anchors are in place, and that the brake backing plates are not bent.

In addition to learning how to inspect your brakes (this info can be found in your golf cart’s manual), it is important to know what type of brakes your golf cart has; regenerative (on newer electric models), drum, or disc. Having this information will help you identify what to look for during your inspections.  While golf cart owners aren’t required to inspect them within the first few months of owning a new cart, it’s recommended to take a look anyways to get an idea of what they look like and how they work when in excellent shape.

  1. Watch the Load!  A common mistake golf cart owners make is not being aware of the upper weight limit that your cart can bear. If the golf cart is meant for two adult individuals, then don’t pile on a third, and always be mindful of the weight of the cargo that you’re bringing aboard. When you overload your golf cart, this puts unnecessary strain on the motor, brakes, and drivetrain, all of which will have to work harder, resulting in more wear and tear on the cart as a whole.

  1. Invest In a Golf Cart Cover.  If you’re planning on storing your golf cart outdoors, then we highly consider investing in a golf cart cover. While you can just put a tarp over the cart, a true golf cart cover will be fitted to your cart’s make and model, ensuring that it is protected from the elements. If possible, store your golf cart indoors.

By following your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, and keeping a good eye on your golf cart’s brakes, batteries, oil, and tire pressure, you’ll extend the lifespan of your golf cart and avoid costly repairs. By adding a full coverage floor mat to your golf cart, you’ll keep the OEM flooring in top shape and prevent dirt and debris from getting into the crevices where they can do damage.  As a new golf cart owner, we hope that these tips will help you keep your golf cart running like new for years to come!