The Top 7 RV Essentials for Staying Clean and Organized on the Road

September 22 2020 – Brandon Burkey

RV Essentials


rv trailers campers parked sideways in a parking lot by the pacific ocean

While 2020 is a year for a lot of things, one of the more positive aspects is the fact that more people are finding ways to safely get out and explore. And while RVing has always been popular, more and more people are finding the lure of the open road appealing. Not only does an RV give you an automatic place to stay for yourself and your family, but it lets you go into some of the more remote places of the country and, with social distancing still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, having space to yourself sounds downright perfect.

From young couples and large families, to retirees and friend groups wanting to give RVing a try, 2020 has seen a tremendous surge in demand for recreational vehicles, both for rent and for purchase. Whether you’ve jumped in with both feet or are just getting your feet wet for a few weeks, below is a list of seven RV essentials that will help keep your space clean and organized — and your adventures that much more enjoyable.

  1. Handheld Vacuum. Yes, things will get knocked over and tracked in while you’re on the road. And while the same is true of your home, the fact that your RV space is small makes the small messes even more noticeable. Bringing a small compact vacuum with you is a lifesaver. Not only can it keep pet hair in check, but it also gives you a fast, easy way to clean up crumbs, dirt, and dust.

 handheld vacuum for RV trailers campers

  1. Cabinet Organizers. Cabinet space in RVs is limited, which can make organizing your kitchen essentials (and other things like cleaning supplies, etc.) difficult. In order to make the most of the space, consider installing cabinet organizers, such as metal ones that go vertical inside the cabinets. If you’re renting your RV, you can also use removable wire shoe racks inside cabinets to help you gain more space and make items more accessible, too. Even plastic containers or baskets can help you create more usable space inside your RV’s cabinets. (These also make it easy to take items in and out as needed.) Another cabinet organizing tip essential for RVs? Invest in reusable storage containers for food so that you can get rid of bulky or awkward packaging that takes up too much space or adds clutter.

storage containers for organizing RV closets and cabinets

  1. Wall Hooks. Using storage hooks inside your RV can help keep things off the ground and also better utilize wall space. Consider mounting wall hooks by the door for coats, in the kitchen for pot holders and utensils, in the bathroom for towels, or in the bedroom area for purses and bags. The more stuff you can get off the floor, the more space you’ll have to walk through your RV without tripping or feeling cramped.

wall hooks for rv camper organization
  1. Slim Hangers and Space Bags. If you’re planning on being on the road for an extended amount of time and want to bring several different items of clothing, then slim hangers and space bags can be a real organizational lifesaver. Slim hangers give you more room to hang clothes that you’ll use regularly in your closet, while space bags compact lesser used clothing items with a vacuum seal until you need them. (These bags also work great for extra bed linens, too.)

 space saver bags for rv camper organization

  1. Under Sink Mats. When you’re living in a small space, any mess seems big. Accidental spills under sinks, both in the bathroom and kitchen, can be a huge headache. And, if you’re truly in a remote locale, replacing any items that spill or leak can be just as frustrating. Lining your under sink cabinets with a quality mat, like Xtreme Mats, can protect your RV and keep items you store beneath your cabinets organized, too.  They come in handy for a whole slew of other campsite needs as well like containing leaky coolers and keeping dirty shoes outside of the RV where they belong.

 under sink cabinet mats for rv camper trailer protection and organization

  1. Cooktop and Sink Covers. The tight quarters of a RV kitchen can make meal prep less fun than usual. Thankfully, you can use cooktop and sink covers to create more counter space when you need it. Just be sure to choose covers that are easy to clean and store when you’re finished prepping your food.

sink and stove covers for rv camper trailer organization

  1. Collapsible or Stacking Kitchen Items. The easier your RV essentials are to store, the more you’ll love having them on-hand. Consider investing in a variety of collapsible kitchen containers and tools, such as a colander, measuring spoons, and dish racks. You’ll be surprised at how many different collapsible or stackable items they make these days — and how perfect they are for the RV lifestyle!

collapsible kitchen strainer colander for RVs trailers camping

stackable cooking pots and pans for rvs trailers campers  Calphalon Premier Space Saving Nonstick Cookware 6 Piece Set