Protect Yourself against Loopholes and Leaks

September 17 2019 – Brandon Burkey

Protect Your Assets

Owning a home is proclaimed as a vital part of achieving the American dream. We save years of our hard-earned wages with the hope of one day purchasing a place to settle into and call our own.  On closing day the keys to our grand new palace are handed over, cementing the American dream as a reality.  Life is so good, what could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s see…imagine an undetected leaky pipe that unexpectedly causes a very pricey amount of damages to the cabinetry and flooring we had just fallen in love with.  This is not a pessimistic view of homeownership but a realistic image of just one potential catastrophe that arises for homeowners all the time.

You see, we “assume” that since homeowner’s insurance premiums cost several thousands of dollars a year and the policy is nearly novel-worthy in length that most damages to a home will be covered in the plan, right?  As we prepare to sign on the dotted line for our home we think “I’m set! It’s insurance so everything will be covered including a zombie apocalypse!”  Then that unexpected day comes and you say “Where did all this water come from?” and suddenly you are wishing it actually was the zombie apocalypse.  The pipe under your sink has burst and you are left with cleaning up a colossal mess while trying to figure out how you will pay for the repairs and damage to your floors and cabinets.

The great misconception is living under the assumption you are fully protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Yes, having homeowners insurance is a prudent step to insure yourself against catastrophic loss or damage but you’ll need bifocals and Tylenol to muddle through the fine print.  That burst pipe under your sink may not be covered after all. If you closely examine, however, all the contents in your homeowner’s insurance policy you will quickly see how it is filled with loopholes that may not protect you in certain instances, including the burst pipe.

Most insurance policies provide coverage for water damage if the cause is sudden and accidental.  Once you make the claim there will be an investigation to examine the cause then the insurance adjuster will determine if the incident could have been prevented through routine maintenance.  And there it is – the loophole that has become a sinkhole right into the money pit. Unless you have a comprehensive policy or purchased supplemental insurance at some point in recent past, your policy is unlikely to cover the repair cost and replacement of the culprit pipe.

Additionally, you can expect your insurance premiums to rise after filing a claim for leak-related damages.  It is important to also note that any damage report filed may still go on your insurance record and look like a claim when you shop for new insurance in the future.

You might be thinking “I need to check my policy and understand my coverage”.  Yes, this would be a prudent step but how will this prevent your flood under the sink from occurring or help you detect the potential hazard in the first place?

Xtreme Mats has created an under the sink mat to help safeguard your cabinetry and flooring from water damage, product spills, stains, scratches and so much more.  These mats are designed to offer maximum protection with the ability to hold up to 3.1 gallons of water, thus reducing the potential for water damage.  Additionally, there is a water sensor that will alarm when water buildup is detected within the mat to alert you of a potential hazard.

This under the sink mat is an inexpensive, proactive approach to help detect and prevent water damage to your cabinets and surrounding areas.  The creators of Xtreme Mats are homeowners who stand by their product, believe in its effectiveness and value it provides customers.  They put their pride and conviction in every mat produced and back them with a lifetime guaranty. 

Keep living the American dream and enjoy owning your home with confidence knowing your investment is protected by Xtreme Mats.