Preserve, Protect & Detect

September 17 2019 – Brandon Burkey

Xtreme Mats Makes Your Investment Our Priority

Anyone who has ever renovated a kitchen or bathroom knows it can be an overwhelming and expensive undertaking.  The project takes planning, preparation, patience, and money. There are numerous decisions to make involving the selection of plumbing fixtures, tile, granite, cabinet color, and paint…or perhaps wallpaper?  Decisions, decisions become cha-ching, cha-ching really quick. 

interior remodel

       According to Home Advisor, homeowners can spend anywhere between $2,800 and $20,000 to remodel a bathroom. Kitchens can range anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000.  Approximately 30% of the total cost of a kitchen or bathroom renovation is spent on cabinetry leaving the homeowner with a $600 - $13,000+
investment in cabinetry alone.

       It is common for homeowners to concentrate their time selecting all the major aesthetics, which can leave smaller and less visible details overlooked.  The smaller details could make a difference between minor and major damage to your home and your bank account.

       Just imagine yourself basking in the delight of a completed project all snug and cozy in your newly renovated home.  You feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for the investment you made into creating your own personal oasis. A wave of calm has come over you now that the massive renovation is over.   

new kitchen reno

       One early winter morning you wake to the smell of fresh paint that still lingers in the air like rain on a spring day. Still half asleep you shuffle to your newly renovated bathroom all groggy-eyed when all of a sudden you are shocked into complete consciousness.  You experience a very familiar and strangely out of place sensation creeping between your toes – water!  Just as you are flooded with emotion and panic your new cabinet and flooring are flooded from a burst pipe. Let the costly cleanup, repair, and battle to keep your sanity begin!

Xtreme Mats wants to help prevent this from happening or, at the very least, help minimize the catastrophic effects water damage can have on your cabinetry and flooring surface.  That is why we’ve created an under the sink mat to help safeguard your cabinet from water damage, product spills, stains, scratches and much more. Our mats are specifically designed to offer maximum protection with the ability to hold up to 3.1 gallons of water, thus reducing the potential for water damage. In addition to durability, we meticulously created channels in the mat that will direct any liquid to a water sensor that will siren when liquid is detected.

 flood kitchen

Unfortunately, it could potentially cost thousands to repair damage caused by a burst pipe.  By using our under the sink custom-fit mat and water sensor you can help protect both your investment and your bank account.  You work hard for your money and Xtreme Mats believes in helping preserve and protect your home, and also offers the capability to detect a potential crisis before it becomes a catastrophe.