How Do You Pimp Out a Golf Cart?

September 08 2022 – Nelson Agredo

pimped out golf cart

Having a golf cart comes with responsibility. Sure, there’s the standard maintenance required to make sure that the cart operates safely. There’s also the rules and regulations that must be followed properly from golf course to golf course and neighborhood to neighborhood. But there’s also the secret rule of golf ownership: 

Pimping out your golf cart.

For all of the rules and maintenance that come with taking care of a golf cart, there’s also the unwritten code of making your golf cart as cool as possible. Not only will you enjoy the compliments that come your way, but your friends will love taking your golf cart out on the green, too. As an added bonus, a lot of the ways to pimp out a golf cart are actually practical, elevating your entire golf cart experience to a whole new level.

Below are 6 awesome ways to pimp out your golf cart so that you’re the envy of all your buddies — and the coolest cart on the course. 

7 Ways to Pimp Out Your Golf Cart

  • Add More Seats. The concept is simple: The more seats your golf cart has, the more fun you’ll have. When your golf cart can hold more of your friends, it quickly becomes the golf cart to use for getting around from hole to hole. If your neighborhood allows for golf cart transportation, then you’ll have even more reasons why adding extra seats is top priority. The easiest way to add more seats to your golf cart is to install rear-facing seats so that you double your seating from the standard two passengers to four. There are loads of kits available online for you to get the job done. When you research which rear-facing seat kit is right for your golf cart, look for two important things: Comfortable backs so that your additional passengers can enjoy the ride. And a safety bar so that you can be confident none of your new buddies falls off the cart. Don't forget to pair your rear-facing seat kit with Xtreme Mats Rear Facing PRO Series Mats! This will not only add protection to your new rear-facing seats flooring, but, it'll also make it stand out and will give your golf cart a more luxurious style and look!

  •  Get Creative with Lighting. Adding fun lighting to your golf cart is an automatic way to make your golf cart way cooler. Not only does the right lighting make for an awesome aesthetic, but it can be useful, too — especially if you find yourself using your golf cart in the dark or even in highly shaded areas. There are seemingly endless options for golf cart lighting, but some of the most popular include front headlights, rear brake lights, and bright LED lights wrapped around the roof or the base of your golf cart. You can also look for dome lighting for your cart so that it’s easier for you and your passengers to see around inside the golf cart while you drive. 

  •  Lift Your Cart. Whether you want your golf cart to be able to handle rougher roads, or you just want it to look more rugged, adding a lift kit is one of the best “pimp-out-your-golf-cart” moves. Look for a kit that can lift your cart between two to six inches, just make sure whatever you install doesn’t void your warranty. (Or, if it does, that you’re well aware of it.) Lift kits are great for improving your driving experience and allowing you to take your cart places it couldn’t go before. And, of course, your brand new lift kit begs for new off-road tires for your golf cart, too. 

  • Add Floor Mats. There are many benefits to adding floor mats to your golf cart. By doing so, it adds protection, improves traction, adds comfort, reduces noise, and it enhances the aesthetics of your golf cart. At Xtreme Mats there are many different color options for all sorts of golf cart models. Click here to see all they have to offer.

  •  Purchase Mud Flaps or Fenders. No matter how pimped out your golf cart is, no one, including yourself, will be eager to ride in it if leaves you muddy or covered in dust. This is where mud flaps or fenders comes in. By adding either you can help keep yourself, your passengers, and your golf cart clean — even as dirt and mud gets kicked up as you ride. Puddles on the road? No problem. Curious to see what’s down that dirt path? You don’t have to worry about getting dirty as you explore. 

  •  Get Loud. Adding a great sound system to your golf cart is a must if you’re looking to make it as cool as possible. Most five-star reviews come from waterproof bluetooth speakers paired with a solid phone mount in your cart. Of course, keep in mind that testing your new speakers is probably a pre and post golf course activity. 

  • Go Faster. Want to take your golf cart from 12 MPH max to 20 MPH? Your answer is to swap out your standard 36V battery for a larger 48V. This added power can increase the maximum speed of your cart so that you can get around the golf course a little more quickly (and have a whole lot more fun while you’re at it). 

Try all six of these modifications at once or pick your favorite one and get started! Your pimped out golf cart is waiting!

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