February 22 2022 – Sydney Devaney

Xtreme Mats golf cart floor mats full offering line up models ezgo txt club car DS yamaha Drive 2 G29 red grey black blue


Customer requests lead to launch of DS and Drive floor mats and a new color line.

WINTER PARK, FL, April 2021-- Responding to the wishes of golf cart owners and enthusiasts worldwide, Xtreme Mats recently announced the newest additions to their line of full-coverage, overlay style, golf cart floor mats. Beginning April 2021, Xtreme Mats will be offering their signature double-diamond mats for Yamaha Drive/G29 and Club Car DS, with more on the horizon, specifically ICON and Advanced EV. 

Xtreme Golf Cart Mats are available in black with red trim, black with grey trim, all black, and beginning April 2021, a new bright blue trim to complement almost any aesthetic.

“The fact that we have such an overwhelming demand for floor mats for older model carts really says something about the nature of golf cart owners.  We talk to a lot of owners who love their older model carts and want to protect them and customize them just as much, if not more, than those buying brand new carts.  It’s a whole subculture on its own.  We use feedback from golf cart groups and customers to guide the direction of our new product development.  The golf cart community really wanted mats for older model carts and really, really wanted a blue trim option, so we listened, and we’re excited to finally be able to release them.” -Operations Manager, Natalie Harvey

Their FULL COVERAGE golf cart floor liner mats are laser measured to fit as if they came directly from the manufacturer. These heavy-duty, 8-mm rubber mats will not slide around or become dislodged over rough terrain.  The floor mats also don’t produce any VOCs so you won't have to worry about it stinking up your garage either.  Their patented diamond design picks up where the other guys left off.  

This isn’t a factory flooring replacement; it’s better.

By installing on top of the OEM flooring with Xtreme Clips, the original flooring is protected from damage and the mats can be easily removed for cleaning or color changes.  There is no adhesive to deal with that can be a pain to remove, starts peeling in the heat, and can ruin your factory flooring, 

Unlike other golf cart mats that offer only partial coverage, Xtreme Mats won't limit where riders can place their feet and you won't end up with a pile of dirt behind your floor mat. Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Mats cover your entire OEM flooring from the bottom of the dash down to the base of the seat.  You’ll no longer have to worry about mud, water, snow, or dirt damaging your cart's flooring! 

By protecting the factory flooring, Xtreme Mats are helping increase the life of your cart, and in doing so, its value too.  Xtreme Mats believes you shouldn’t have to compromise function for fashion; our golf cart mats offer both. and more limited release colors are coming soon.  Xtreme Golf Cart mats are currently available for Select Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha models with ICON and AdvancedEV coming soon.

For more information and dealer inquiries visit xtremematsgolf.com, contact us at customerservice@xtrememats.com, or call 407-392-0950.

Xtreme Mats is a Five Star rated company that has been protecting investments since 2013 by developing products for consumers that help safeguard against damage.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Natalie at 407-675-3100, or email natalie@xtrememats.com.

To request a product not currently offered yet, please visit: www.xtrememats.com/golfmatrequest

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