Xtreme Mats offer protection for your cabinets

July 15 2019 – Brandon Burkey


The Xtreme Mat is the original under sink cabinet mat

Our mat offers maximum protection with the ability to hold several gallons of water in the event of a leak or product spill. Xtreme Mat’s design ensures a snug fit, reducing the potential for scratches, spills, and water damage to cabinets and floors.

These mats are specifically designed to fit many different cabinet manufacturer’s base cabinets with or without a center support. Additionally, Xtreme Mats offers a water sensor that will sound an alarm when water has been detected in the mat.

Common household items prone to leak:

  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Soap dispensers
  • Garbage disposals
  • Pipes
  • Instant hot & cold water dispensers
  • Under the sink water filtration systems
  • Cleaning products
  • Dishwasher plumbing

Dangers of leaks left undetected:

  • Mold growth – Causes damage to the home and poses a health risk to people
  • Expensive repairs to cabinets and flooring surfaces
  • Possibility of upper level leaks causing damage to dwellings on floors below

Who benefits from partnering with Xtreme Mats and using our products?

  • Property managers
  • Kitchen & bath designers
  • Cabinet companies
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners
  • Timeshare Owners

This under the sink mat and water sensor is an inexpensive, proactive approach to help detect and prevent water damage to cabinets and surrounding areas. All Xtreme Mats are pliable and produce no harmful VOC’s; so it’s safe for the home and environment. The product is easy to clean, easy to install, and protects your health and home from harmful toxins and mold growth caused by undetected leaks.  Prevents flooring and cabinet damage, stains, water marks, and scratches.

Awards & Media

  • DIY “I Want That” - TV Episode 2017
  • Cajun Contractor - Podcast 2017
  • National Apartment Association 2017 - Best Inline Booth
  • HGTV “Kitchen Cousins” Podcast - Favorite Items for 2018
  • TNAH – The New American Home 2018 – Supplied all the cabinet mats.

The creators of Xtreme Mats are homeowners with experience in real estate, custom home design, and home construction. They stand by their product, believe in its effectiveness and the value it provides customers.  Xtreme Mats backs their product with a lifetime guarantee.

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