Jingle All the Way: Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Golf Cart🎁🎄

November 24 2023 – Victoria Schween

Decorate your golf cart for Christmas/Holiday Season

Elevate your golf cart's holiday style this season with a mix of imaginative decorations and a touch of luxury with an Xtreme Golf Cart Floor Mat.

Let's explore the elements that will transform your ride into a festive and stylish holiday sleigh! 

  1. Xtreme Golf Cart Floor Mat: Start with the foundation – an Xtreme Golf Cart Floor Mat. Choose a color trim that complements your holiday theme, providing protection and a touch of spirit. We offer all black, grey, red, green, blue, and beige trim options. These mats not only keep your cart clean but also add a stylish flair to your holiday decor.

    Christmas decorating ideas for your golf cart

  2. Twinkling Lights Galore: String lights are a must! Wrap them around the roof, along the sides, and even weave them through the floor mat for a dazzling effect. Opt for warm white lights for a classic ambiance, or go bold with multicolored lights for a playful touch.

  3. Garland Glamour: Drape garlands along the edges of your golf cart, incorporating festive elements like pinecones, berries, or even miniature ornaments. 
    Christmas decorating ideas for your golf cart

  4. Velvet Bows and Ribbons: Enhance the elegance with plush velvet bows and ribbons. Tie them strategically on the handles, mirrors, and around the floor mat for a touch of sophistication. Choose holiday-themed colors to stay in tune with the festive spirit, or pick your favorite Christmas movie to base your inspiration on. 

  5. Wreath on Wheels: Adorn the front of your golf cart with a charming holiday wreath. Secure it firmly to the grill, or use suction cups if you want it on the windshield. Ensure the floor mat complements the wreath's color scheme for a cohesive appearance.

  6. Holiday Characters and Figurines: Incorporate beloved holiday characters like Santa, Frosty, or Rudolph. Place figurines strategically around the cart, ensuring they're safely secured. If you have a rear floor mat, consider placing a cute holiday display there.
    Christmas golf cart decorating inspirationChristmas decorating ideas for your golf cart

  7. Personalized License Plate: Add a dash of personality with a customized holiday-themed license plate. Whether it's a festive message or a playful nickname, this small detail can make a significant impact. 

By combining these festive elements with an Xtreme Golf Cart Floor Mat, you'll not only enjoy a stylish and comfortable ride but also spread holiday joy wherever you go. So, deck the halls of your golf cart with these chic decor ideas, and let the festive season begin in full swing!