How Can I Make My Golf Cart Stand Out?

October 04 2022 – Nelson Agredo

Making your golf cart stand out from the crowd is one of the joys of owning a golf cart. The more custom you can make it, the more fun it is to drive. And, of course, if those custom modifications improve how your golf cart drives or how it functions, then even better. But before you rush to modify everything possible on your golf cart, it’s good to remember that not everything is legal or allowed in your particular community or golf course. Yes, there are some amazing golf cart modifications that professional golf cart racers pay thousands for, but unless you’re committing to that golf cart lifestyle, it’s probably best to keep your golf cart’s customizations a little less extreme — and a whole lot more practical. 

Below is a (practical) list of golf cart modification ideas that can help your golf cart stand out and make your driving experience even more fun…

5 Golf Cart Modifications to Make My Golf Cart Stand Out

  1. Increase your speed. While there’s no need to make your golf cart drive as fast as a regular car, you can increase your speed from an average 10 mph to 20 mph with some relatively easy modifications. Of course, make sure you know what’s legal in your area so that you don’t end up with a fast golf cart you can never drive. 
  2. Make your tires bigger. The typical golf cart comes from the manufacturer with 8-inch wheels. And while these are fine for standard use, it’s definitely more fun (and cooler) to make your golf cart tires bigger. For every extra inch of your tire’s diameter, you can expect your golf cart to go even faster. (Remember: more rotation power means more miles per hour.) Going up to 20-inch golf cart wheels changes everything.
  3. Lift your golf cart. If you put bigger tires on your golf cart, then you’ll have to lift your golf cart in order to make them fit. While smaller tires don’t require a lift, most tires over 20-inches will make a lift kit essential. Keep in mind that once you start pushing 22-inches with your golf cart tires, you’ll have to consider getting a new engine in order to make your golf cart function properly. 
  4. Upgrade your cart’s controller. As you play with the functionality of your golf cart (like the three modifications listed above), you’ll want to consider upgrading the controller for your cart, too. A speed controller balances how quickly you accelerate and your maximum speed to make driving your cart more enjoyable, especially at faster speeds. While some golf cart owners can manage installing a new controller on their own, the electrical risks might make paying a professional worthwhile. 
  5. Buy a better golf cart battery. While a better battery can extend the life of your golf cart, it also improves the engine’s power, which means your cart will operate better, especially when you start modifying the body and other components. Check your golf cart’s battery to see what voltage it already has. If you want your golf cart to go faster, having more battery power will make a difference. A more powerful battery can improve your golf cart’s top speed by up to 3 mph — no other modifications required. When shopping for a new golf cart battery, look for a lithium ion battery that charges quickly and effectively. 

And, of course, there are endless modifications you can make to your golf cart’s appearance. Our favorite? Upgrading the floor mats so that your cart stays clean and free from damage. Yes, it’s a subtle upgrade, but you and your passengers will appreciate the difference great golf cart floor mats make.

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