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Understanding Golf Cart Battery Options and How to Make Your Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

February 22 2022 – Brandon Burkey

Understanding Golf Cart Battery Options and How to Make Your Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer
Understanding Golf Cart Battery Options and How to Make Your Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer 48v golf cart battery set 48 volt golf cart battery replacement battery golf cart discount golf cart batteries deep cycle battery for golf cart golf cart battery replacement options

February 2, 2022 - Brandon Burkey 

The majority of golf carts driven today use a 6-volt golf cart battery, which is why most online searches for golf cart batteries tend to take you straight to 6v options. Of course, as any golf cart owner familiar with using a 6-volt battery knows, there are reasons why people want to find another option. Not only do 6-volt golf cart batteries tend to run out of juice pretty quickly, but they can also be lackluster when it comes to power and other performance needs. 

To help make navigating the world of batteries a little easier, we’ve compiled a quick guide for anyone looking to make their batteries last longer — or who just want another option to the standard 6-volt golf cart battery.

The Best Golf Cart Battery Options


Typically, the type of battery you need for your golf cart depends on the type of cart you drive. The reason so many people use 6-volt batteries in their carts is that most standard carts call for a 6-volt golf cart battery. If your cart doesn’t use a 6-volt golf cart battery, then the other two standard options are an 8-volt or a 12-volt golf cart battery. While you can make certain modifications to your cart to accommodate a different type of battery, most owners will stick with the model recommendations to eliminate the extra cost and potential issues down the road.

In addition to 6, 8, and 12-volt golf cart batteries, there are also deep cycle batteries, which are used in electric golf carts and offer different types of charges to make sure you have sustainable power you can count on. 

But your options don’t just end there… golf cart battery options golf cart floor mats


There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best golf cart battery for your needs. Knowing which battery is right for you depends a lot on your current cart, your budget, and what you actually use (or want to use) your golf cart for. There are also, of course, some less-than-optimal options for your golf cart battery. In a pinch, you might be tempted to use a marine battery, but while it will likely work for a short period of time, it will shorten the amount of time you can go without a charge and potentially hurt other components in your cart in the long run. No matter how many times your neighbor tells you to use a regular car battery in your golf cart, don’t — out of all of the golf cart battery options out there, a car battery is one of the worst, especially when it comes to longevity.

Your golf cart is not a boat or a car — so don’t treat it like one. 

Aside from the standard battery options mentioned above (6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf cart batteries), our three favorite golf cart battery choices are:

  • Lithium Golf Cart Batteries
  • 36 Volt Batteries
  • 48 Volt Batteries

Here’s why we love them — and why some people don’t… golf cart allied battery lithium iron phosphate 12.8 v


Pros and Cons

  1. Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. Lithium golf cart batteries are known for their longevity, which is one of the reasons they’re becoming more popular in general. Lithium golf cart batteries can last through 5,000 charging cycles. That’s more than twenty times the longevity of a standard 6-volt golf cart battery or 12-volt golf cart battery. Caring for a lithium golf cart battery, however, can be more difficult than it seems, and a failure to properly maintain them can nullify all of the advantages they offer.

  2. 36 Volt Batteries. One of the more affordable battery options for your golf cart, 36v batteries are ideal for carts used in standard settings — like cruising around on the golf course or driving slowly on smooth sidewalks. 36-volt batteries are not, however, ideal for offroading, although you can modify them so that they work with carts designed to go faster. 

  3. 48 Volt Batteries. Most golf cart owners who choose to use a 48-volt battery do so for off-road purposes. Basic battery options like 6-volt golf cart batteries or 12-volt golf cart batteries can contest the efficiency and capability of a 48-volt. They are, however, more expensive to purchase. But, by upgrading your cart to a 48-volt system, you also increase the value of your golf cart if and when you ever decide to sell it. golf cart battery 48 v wiring diagram golf cart club  car ezgo txt yamaha



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