Dealer Spotlight - Boyd Recreation, LLC

November 09 2022 – Nelson Agredo

Get to Know Boyd Recreation, LLC 

Like so many small businesses, Bob Boyd started in his Dad’s Seattle area garage in the early 1970’s. Learning how to use tools, his Dad and himself built a go-cart together. That cart sparked a passion customizing hundreds of carts, cars and boats. Today, they're creating some of the most innovative and show-stopping golf carts available.

What’s more important than your new golf cart? The craftsmanship, commitment and dedication to excellence by the builder. 

Golf Carts aren’t just for golf anymore. From resort communities to retirement villages, carts are the preferred method of transportation. The freedom of movement and social interaction are on a whole new level. Customization and upgrades are as unique as your personality, so contact them to create the ride of your dreams!

For over 50 years, Bob Boyd has customized golf carts, vehicles and boats. Hundreds of happy customers throughout the Northwest have experienced the products of his passion.

With Boyd Recreation, LLC no two carts are alike.  Each cart is hand built with impeccable attention to detail and enhanced ownership experience in mind.

Production is very limited and available exclusively to those who desire the finer things in life. 

What Does Boyd Recreation, LLC Offer?

Automotive Style Dashboards

Like a fine automobile, the dashboard is under constant watch... visually pleasing, functional and easy to operate.

Custom Upholstery

Deluxe Two-tone Seating with quilted inserts to the Ultimate Seating Package with cushioning like an easy chair.

Extended Canopy Tops

All four passengers are covered with their roofs, not just two.

Street Lighting Kits

LED headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and horn... all standard equipment on their carts.  

Outrageous Custom Wheels

Nothing says custom like the right set of wheels. Low Profile to Offroad Style, you choose! 

Audio Packages

Marine Grade Stereos with in-dash controls to Bluetooth controllable Sound Bars with Custom Mounts, your cart will rock your world.