The Story


Xtreme Mats were born from the perfect storm of personal and professional experience with plumbing and cabinetry disasters and the frustration of repairing them time and time again.  That experience coupled with the serendipitous encounter that united three future business partners led to the creation of Xtreme Mats.


Founder and CEO Brandon Burkey is a native of Orlando, FL. and resides in Maitland with his wife and three children. Brandon has an intimate knowledge and understanding of Orlando’s rapidly changing and evolving real estate market. Brandon’s parents have been prominent business owners in Central Florida for almost two decades.


Burkey Risk Services, Inc., an Insurance and Risk Management firm established in 1987, has built a reputation of professionalism, integrity, and trust with their clients. From this foundation, Brandon founded Burkey & Associates Realty, Inc. Built on the same time-proven successful principles of his family’s business, Burkey & Associates Realty specializes in helping you buy, build or sell real estate with professionalism, honesty and integrity as its company’s core values.


Brandon understands the value of client relationships and always prioritizes their needs and objectives. He has been licensed as a Real Estate Broker for 15 years and has held a license in Commercial Property & Casualty, Life, and Health insurances since 2002.


Back in 2013, Brandon set out to create a product that would safeguard his cabinets. He envisioned a mat that would contain a large volume of liquid in the event of a product spill or plumbing leak. He said, “This is too common of a problem and a problem that many people have.” This was an issue he had seen many times while in the Real Estate and Insurance industries.


Through selling real estate, Brandon met his partners Salvador and Esdras; Fast forward two years later and Xtreme Mats, LLC was born.


Xtreme Mats wants quality and service to be the bedrock of the company. They are a company that specializes in protecting your cabinets and floors and ultimately the investment you make in your home. They know the best way to grow a company is making a superior product that helps people. If we’ve done this correctly then our customers will assist us in our growth.  Our goal is to create a product that reduces the possibility of damage to your investments.


Brandon’s father, Gary Burkey, always told him “If you work hard and care about your customers and provide a quality product, then the rest will fall in place”.