Under Sink Organization Ideas for Stress-Free Living

March 16 2020 – Natalie Harvey

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Whether it's an attic, a closet or that cabinet under your sink, homes across the world suffer from a lack of organization. And why not? It’s easy to get used to clutter. In fact, most of us have. Clutter seems to be a natural byproduct of our busy lives. Unfortunately, it’s this same clutter and lack of organization that leads us to feel stressed out and anxious. Taking steps to practice the chores we commonly avoid is the best way to help overcome this stress and add more efficiency to our lives. A great place to start with that pesky cabinet under in your kitchen or bathroom; practicing under sink organization can help you leverage space and spur convenience in your home fast!

For most people, one of the messiest and most disorganized places in the house is the cabinet under their sink, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. And while it makes sense (who besides you actually looks under your sink?), leaving your under-sink cabinet disorganized makes doing your day-to-day tasks way more stressful. Every time you look underneath the sink, you’re reminded of just what a mess it is — and that starts a whole negative spiral that leaves you feeling unsuccessful and unmotivated. 

Take control of your home cabinets and master under-sink organization. Space is limited in under-sink cabinets, which means it’s easy to tackle, and there are so many cool products and smart DIY projects that help you organize your under-sink cabinet and actually make it fun.

To help you get started we've curated our favorite under sink organization ideas just for you.

Seven Under Sink Organization Ideas to Tidy Up Your Home

  • Rethink Curtain Hardware. Installing a curtain rod under your sink might seem like a strange idea, but it’s actually one of the smartest under bathroom sink organization ideas you’ll find. A simple tension rod is easy to install, and it allows you to organize all sorts of clutter — from towels to bottles of cleaning products. You can also use the hardware from curtain kits to create handy trash bag holders. All you need is a small wooden dowel and the hardware!
  • Use Storage Containers. Storage containers do a lot of the hard work when it comes to under kitchen sink organization. But, the key is making sure that each container has a designated use. Otherwise, you’ll end up with messy containers! It’s also fun to think outside of the (storage) box. What other items can you use to keep your under-sink clutter contained? Things like recycled aluminum cans, coffee mugs, and baskets can keep your organized under sink area from feeling boring and dull. And, as another bonus, you have a lot of great storage containers you can use all around your home already — you just have to get creative!
  • Spice Things Up. Spice racks are another genius under sink organization idea because they are super versatile. Installing a spice rack on the inside of your cabinet door can help you organize your space, keeping a lot of the small items that can easily get lost right within reach.
  • Use Labels. Labeling designated storage bins and areas are one of the only ways you can help prevent your under-sink area from getting cluttered again quickly, especially if you have other people in your home. Labeling boxes, baskets, and racks make it easy for everyone to put things away in the right place. But don’t think you have to bring out the old-school labeler. There are lots of creative ways to make labels, including chalkboard paint, garden signs, and magnets.
  • Reimagine the Lazy Susan. Putting a lazy susan organizer in your cabinet is one of our favorites under sink organization ideas. Not only does it give you a lot more usable space in your cupboard, but it also makes keeping things organized simple. Because they’re so convenient, you can quickly find and put back any of the items you use — and without any searching or digging.
  • Think Practical. One of the biggest problems that can occur under your sink is that the floor of the cupboard gets damaged, either by water leaks or cleaning product spills. This damage not only ruins the appearance of your under-sink space, but it can physically damage the cabinet by causing warping.

water damaged cabinet with xtreme mats logo

When organizing under your sink, one of the first things you should do is invest in high quality under sink cabinet mat from Xtreme Mats. Not only do these mats offer the best overall protection, but they look great, too. And, thanks to their lifetime warranty, you can be sure that the investment you make is a good one. Protect and improve your bathroom or the kitchen today with our under sink organization ideas!