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Welcome To Xtreme Mats

Under Sink Cabinet Mats

Xtreme Mats protect your cabinets and floors from damage caused by plumbing leaks, stains, scratches, product or chemical spills, and much more. Xtreme Mats can hold up to 3+ gallons of liquid in the event of a leak or product spill, making our mats the leader in the industry. Our mats are flexible and produce no toxic VOC's. Xtreme Mats are easy to install and can be removed quickly for clean-up.

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Golf Cart Mats

Xtreme Golf Cart Mats are the most advanced floor protection available today for your personal transportation vehicles. Our digital laser measurements ensure our mats fit like a glove. Select a trim color to accent or complement your paint, accessories, and seats. We're the only after-market mat in the industry that covers your entire floor area- from dash to seat. 

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inside cabinet mat with bottles and trash can

Water Sensors

Get notified with an audible alarm as soon as a leak happens and protect your home and valuables from water damage with a Water Sensor. Place inside any sink base cabinet, beside your hot water heater or HVAC unit, boiler, sump pump, washing machine, toilets, radiators and more…