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Xtreme Mats LITE products are different than our Original Xtreme Mats front floor mats.

Xtreme Mats LITE is an adhesive-backed, light weight, non-absorbent foam.  Our LITE material is double-layered and has marine-grade performance against the elements.

Our Xtreme Mats Original floor mats are made from our proprietory heavy-duty rubber blend.

Xtreme Mats LITE material is durable, long-lasting, and easy to install with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. The Xtreme Mats LITE Rear Facing Floor Mat is designed to protect your foot step area from the scuffs and scratches of daily wear and tear. 

Xtreme Golf Cart Mats in the LITE Material are only available with red, black, blue, or grey trims. There is a slight difference in color when placed next to our rubber golf cart floor mats due to the difference in material used.

Xtreme Mats LITE products are made to order and typically ship 1 to 5 business days after purchase.


Fits MADJAX Genesis 250/300 Rear Kits


    Closed-cell EVA foam mat
    3M pressure-sensitive adhesive
    Custom-fit look and feel
    Water/stain/UV resistant
    Easy to install 
    Grip traction

    Xtreme Mats believes you shouldn’t have to compromise function for style; our golf cart mats offer both.  


    Do NOT use Renew-Pro cleaning products (Blak, GLOZ, RP.11) on the surface where your rear mat will be adhered.


    • Due to the adhesive backing, Xtreme Mats LITE should be stored in a cool, dry, indoor location until ready to use. 


    • Alcohol wipes (provided with purchase)
    • Clean cloth


    1. ONLY apply Xtreme Mats Lite in temperatures between 50 ℉ to 100 ℉ (10 ℃ to 38 ℃).
    2. Thoroughly clean the surface area where the mat will be installed with the alcohol wipes provided. The area must be completely dry and free of debris before applying the mat.

    Xtreme Mats has created a FULL COVERAGE golf cart floor mat that is laser-measured to fit as if it came directly from the manufacturer. Our heavy-duty, 8-mm rubber golf cart floor mat will not slide around or become dislodged over rough terrain. Our mats produce no VOCs so you won't have to worry about it stinking up your garage either! Our patented design picks up where the other guys left off. Unlike other golf cart floor mats that offer only partial coverage, Xtreme Mats won't limit where riders can place their feet and you won't end up with a pile of dirt behind your floor mat. Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Floor Mat covers your entire OEM flooring from the bottom of the dash down to the base of the seat.  No longer worry about mud, water, or dirt damaging your cart's flooring! We're here to help increase the life of your cart, and in doing so, its value too, by protecting the factory flooring.

    Xtreme Mats believes you shouldn’t have to compromise function for fashion; our golf cart floor mats offer both. Xtreme Golf Cart Mats are available in all black, red trim, grey trim, blue trim, beige trim, or green trim to complement almost any aesthetic.


    1. Before removing the adhesive backing, determine the correct fit and spacing for your mat.
    2. Turn the mat over with the adhesive backing facing up. Peel off the adhesive backing. 
    3. Position it where you want the mat installed.
    4. Firmly press down on your mat for 15 seconds to secure the bond between the mat and the surface.
    download instructions  Installation Instructions 
    • Variant: All Black
    • SKU: GEN250300-BLK-LITE
    • Product Type: Golf Cart Mat

    Xtreme Mats LITE Rear Facing Foot Rest Mat - Fits MADJAX Genesis 250/300 Rear Kits

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