The Under Sink Mat Every Property Manager Needs Right Now

January 24 2020 – Alex Singer

Xtreme Mats- The Ultimate Maintenance Solution 

One of the biggest pain points for every property manager is making sure that each property is, well, maintained, which means keeping up with maintenance issues and repairs. Whether it’s repairing a part of a property that has just been neglected for years or tackling a bigger project caused by major damage, these unexpected expenses are part of what makes life stressful for a property manager. Not only does a poorly maintained property not rent, but the damage done can create costs that are unmanageable, turning a once exciting prospect into nothing but a money pit.

Thankfully, there are things property managers can do — and buy — to help make their life a little bit easier. If unexpected costs of repair can kill a project, then one of the best things a property manager can do is keep the costs controlled, investing in products that will better maintain a property, even preventing damage altogether.

What are these products?  Mats, liners, and trays that protect the under sink area of cabinets!

One of the best ones is Xtreme Mats. Coveted by savvy property managers across the country, Xtreme Mats' under sink trays are specifically designed to go in the cabinets under the sinks of your property. Created to totally safeguard any cabinet from water damage, product spills, stains, and scratches, these Under Sink Drip Trays can hold up to 3.3 gallons of water, which means the likelihood that one of your properties will suffer damage to its cabinetry or flooring surface is dramatically reduced.

Xtreme Mats are recognized across the industry as being superior in terms of quality and performance. Here are just some of the reasons why your properties need these mats right now:

  • Every under sink liner comes with a lifetime warranty, which means you don’t have to spend more money when it comes to the maintenance of your property.
  • Xtreme Mats completely contain water within the mat, which means water doesn’t spill or leak off the sides causing damage or other unwanted issues (like strange smells, mildew, or mold).
  • Because Xtreme Mats are flexible, they’re super fast and easy to install.
  • Xtreme Mats do not produce any toxic VOCs.
  • Xtreme Mats are used and loved by property managers because they reduce insurance premium increases. (There you go saving money again!)

Xtreme Mats also offer the added benefit of Xtreme Water Sensors, which allow you to be instantly notified if a potential leak is detected in your property. For that reason, Xtreme Water Sensors can be used by property managers all around homes and apartments, including behind refrigerators and in bathrooms and garages. As soon as water (or any liquid) touches the two metal posts on the bottom of the detector the alarm activates, letting you address any potential issue before it causes major damage (and major expenses).

From stopping everyday wear and tear in cabinets to preventing major damage caused by water leaks, Xtreme Mats are one of the easiest ways for property managers to save time and money by basically "waterproofing" cabinets. By investing in the mats now, you can be confident that you won’t need to be spending way more money on repairs down the road!